One click away from a fantastic skin care routine!

Time and time again we get asked here at Beauty Infusion from both our private and corporate clients: what am I doing wrong with my skin care routine? Where do I start in getting a better complexion? The answer to this is such a broad one as it covers so many areas - each individual is unique and as trained dermatologists as well as therapists we are here to guide you along this intense but worthwhile journey where results are outstanding if you follow our advice.

There are so many cleansers, toners, face washes, serums, moisturisers on the market that making the correct skin care choice is a mind boggling minefield! Here at Beauty Infusion we keep things simple, taking into account your skin type, allergies, diet, lifestyle, stress levels and more. It really is about the bigger picture. We always offer our clients a full skin consultation during a facial or aesthetics procedure such as Dermaplaning for example and we are so pleased to see clients return with a far improved complexion and skin care routine in place.

Our own line of products have been specifically created using our dermatological training and experience alongside our philosophy of nature being the best source of ingredients for our skin. We use no parabens, harsh chemicals, sulphates, fillers or additives, using only natural and organic ingredients, hydrolats, actives, blends, essential oils, vitamins and more. Frankincense oil, Roman chamomile, Grapefruit wine are some of the many, many ingredients we use in our skincare range.

All our products are vegan friendly and cruelty free and are available for purchase either in-house or via our website shop and will soon be showcased on Amazon. We also ship anywhere in the UK.

So don't take our word for it but that of our returning clients who look no further than our advice and skincare range to help you achieve the very best of what mother nature gave you!

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