LVL Lash Lift - Enhance what mother nature gave you!

In as little as 45 mins you can enhance your natural eyelashes to transform them into an illusion of length, lift and volume. So no more spending hours and money on smudge mascara, false lashes or adhesives. From the moment you wake in the morning the lash lift and tint means you are ready to go, go, go without wasting time in front of the mirror fixing your lashes. When you go to bed it looks like you're wearing mascara on beautifully curled and enhanced lashes when of course there is nothing on them that can smudge on the pillow or you wake up looking like panda eyes!

This simple procedure of lifting the lashes by a silicone shield on the eyelid followed by your preferred shade of tint results in up to 8 weeks of length, volume and lift with no hassle. Lashes are healthy and free! Products used are not tested on animals and vegan friendly and will definitely not damage your natural lashes.

Nouveau lash lifts are the premier choice for lash artists, not only in the UK, but around the globe and fronted by the beautiful brand ambassador, actress Michelle Keegan (FYI has been using LVL Lash Lifts for 10yrs and swears by them!) So don't hesitate to start your maintenance free lash lifestyle today! Book your appointment with Beauty Infusion now or call 07512 422159 and let us enhance what mother nature gave you!

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