Do you want premium skin care products?

Updated: May 1, 2019

If you want high end quality beauty products that not only last longer but contain no paragons or sulfates, no fillers or petrochemicals, are cruelty-free, vegan friendly and contain only natural and organic ingredients, then look no further than Beauty Infusion!

So, how did we start this branded skin care journey? Well, firstly after much research and using our own dermatological training and experience we recognised that clients want to use spa style products at home but at a more affordable price and still keep to the natural ingredients and ethos behind them. We contacted the UK's biggest supplier of natural and organic ingredients to the beauty and skin care industry. Their customers products are seen anywhere from Boots to Fortnum and Mason and highly reviewed in glossy magazines such as Elle, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and Vogue to name but a few!

We had come to the right place where we could mix, try, test premium ingredients, balms, natural oils and more to get the best products that we and our clients would love.

Next step was to test our new found product samples on a number of clients .... they were queueing up to test out this exciting journey with us. Questionnaires were formed and feedback was given. You were all so great! And the result?

Well, see our wonderful mix of premium skin care and visit our shop on where products can be bought online and shipped to anywhere in the UK and overseas. Purchases in-house have flown off the shelves especially as we use these products in treatments such as facials and Dermaplaning.

Each one of our products is carefully selected to gently enhance and protect the skin plus they are free from common allergens and harsh chemicals.

Our ingredients are the finest natural hydrolats, blends and oils and contain vitamins A Palmitate, C & E for skin enriching benefits. This whole combination of natural extracts, fragrances, blends and actives produce a PREMIUM skin care range.

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