What is Hot Lava Shells Massage?

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Love massage? Or just want to try something different that not only will help de-stress you but has loads of health benefits too? Well here is a quick run down on lava shells.......

What do they look like? Well, think of those soft, exotic triangular looking shells you find on some far away shore. Think of bigger in size so they sit on the palm of your hand and tiger-striped in colour in pastel shades.

How are they used? The shells become hot by being activated by a chemical reaction caused by magnesium and sodium carbonate.

What are the benefits? There are many health benefits such as:

Using either deep tissue or Swedish pressure point massage, the shells give off calcium and iron ions which transfer to the skin during massage. Calcium helps to firm and regenerate the skin and bones and iron, which is not easily formed in the body through food products, is transferred directly to the skin through this treatment. Iron helps with skin, hair and haemoglobin levels to name but a few. On treating the tummy area they act as a natural colonic on the digestive system thus helping with such issues as IBS. This treatment also eases away muscle tension, releases energy flow and restores a sense of balance to the body and mind.

A great treatment to make you feel good not just on the outside but certainly within!

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