How can Corporate Wellness Massage help our staff?

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

The buzz word in so many companies and around the world today is "Wellness". Companies are taking more and more time to protect their staff and promote health and well-being amongst them which in turn pays off by creating the following benefits amongst staff:

*Reduces stress and mental fatigue

*Helps the body cope better with pressure and improves performance at work whilst decreasing HR STRESS RELATED COSTS

*Re-energises with with increased thought and mental clarity

*Focusses on those areas of Repetitive Strain Injury such as carpal tunnel, back and joint pain due to posture at desks or warehouse for several hours a day

*Releases tension and muscular aches and pains especially easing back pain and headaches

Here at Beauty Infusion we offer our corporate clients various corporate massage rates for either, desk, ergonomic chair or couch massage. We come to your office or warehouse on either a regular basis or for one-off occasions such as reward days or marketing events. We deal with clients who are suffering from RSI or gym injuries which impede work functions, pregnancy massage or those returning to work from either long-term stress/illness or post op.

Corporate Wellness Massage Information & Pricing

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