So what's all the hype about Dermaplaning?

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

For those of you out there who haven't heard about this revolutionary new skin aesthetic procedure read on...

Dermaplaning has really been one of the best kept secrets of the Dermatological and modelling industry for a while and now more and more of you are asking for it having seen the great results it brings. Dermaplaning is open to anyone (apart from those who are currently under a GP for acne) whether they have lots of hair on their skin or not. Dermaplaning takes away the vellus hair (that's the fine hair around the cheeks, jaw line and near the hair line especially at the side of the face near the ears). It also takes away the dead skin cells (around 21 days worth) which can give a dull complexion however much make-up you pile on your face to try and make it look like a fresh, glowing and healthy complexion! Dermaplaning DOES NOT let the hair grow back stronger or feel like stubble!

So what's the process? Wearing non-latex sterile gloves and with your hair tidied away in a disposable hair net then relaxing comfortably on the heated therapy couch, I take a sterile blade (don't worry they are professionally made by Dermaplaning UK especially for the procedure) and at a 45 degree angle I move the blade across the face in a methodical pattern (we are trained to mentally divide the face into two halves to work on). It will feel similar to having your legs shaved ladies or for gentleman it's similar to shaving your face. I pay particular attention to the nose area, forehead and even the sides of the neck (great for those of you who get that brownish tinge to the side of the face and neck after you have been subjected to the sun for a few months).

After the process, which for the first treatment I always advice 60 minutes, you will see lots of that fine hair and dead skin cells which I collect onto a black napkin for the client to see. I then treat the skin with a specialised Dermaplaning UK face mask to renew, nourish and refresh the skin. I alert my clients to certain procedures to follow after treatment with regards to the sun, sunbeds, skin care routine etc and give them printed matter on this too in case they forget Try not to put on make-up either for the first 24hrs and make sure you moisturise twice daily for the first 14 days.

What do my clients and the rest of the world say about Dermaplaning? Wow!!! Immediate results!..... Super smooth skin to the touch. Skin feels so clean, radiant as though it can breathe properly! When applying make-up it glides on to a smooth, even palette that is now your new skin so there is no look of make-up being gathered onto the hairs of the face. With skin care products, they penetrate quicker and performance feels so much better. Some of my clients report back saying that even after a couple weeks of treatment they are happy to go without foundation or powder (though wear eyer make-up) as their skin "feels too good to cover up and love the fresh, clean feel of it". A great win, win result all round then... as a regular Dermaplaning client said to me - " when I feel like a change, a new me, I start with the basics, my skin, and go from there".

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